Pet Supplies


Greenies Pill pockets
A yummy treat for dogs and cats to help give medications.

Tarter shieldchews
Dental chews for dogs to help fight tartar build-up.

Wisdom Panel3
Ever want to know what breed your pup is?

Nordic Naturals
An oral supplement for your pets skin and coat.

A variety of supplements for your dog and cat, please come in or call for more information.

We offer a variety of dental products for dogs and cats.

Dasuquin Chews w/ MSM5
A great tasting joint supplement for dogs.

Lean Treats Dog and Cat13
Delicious low-fat treats for dogs and cats

Cosequin for cats17
An easy to give joint supplement for kitties.

Feliway and Adaptil Pheromone spray8
Stressed pet? This product can help, please call for more information.

Tick Twister14
Got Ticks? This handy tool is easy and convenient to use!

Flea Busters15
A great natural way to terminate fleas in your house.

Urine Off for Dogs and Cats1211 
This enzymatic cleaner will help remove accidents from your living environment.

Pet Odor Eliminator 10Candles and Spray9
These candles work wonders on pet odors and they last a long time. Please call for a list of fragrances.

Hylyt Shampoo16
This hypoallergenic shampoo has a delightful smell and is gentle on the skin.

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We're committed to providing you the latest pet health information. Our educational resources are available to help you understand your pet’s healthcare needs.

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